TVDM441-01 – Earl Hayes and Stephanie Mosely-Murder/Suicide – article with links

Early morning on Monday December 8, police responded to a call placed by an individual who heard a woman screaming and up to multiple gunshots, according to Los Angeles Police Department. Upon entering the upscale apartment complex, officers hears two more gunshots. The bodies of 34-year-old rapper earl Warren Hayes and and his wife, 30-year-old Stephanie Elyse Moseley. New information has been uncovered, and law enforcement tells TMZ they found nearly ten pounds of high-grade marijuana inside the apartment.

Hayes was a friend of professional boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., and police are aware of this relationship and now are asking to interview him. Homicide Detective Scott Masterson said, “We know that there’s a relationship there,” Masterson said. “If he has anything significant to add to the investigation, we want to know.” However, cops have reached out to Floyd’s people but they’ve been “less then willing” to cooperate.” According to TMZ, Mayweather was in a FaceTime session with Hayes when he shot and killed his wife, and eventually turned the gun on himself. Sources say that Mayweather was pleading with his friend not to use violence. However TMZ recently published another post contradicting that story saying that “Floyd Mayweather whipped his friend Earl Hayes into a frenzy over his wife’s infidelity.” They also reported that the affair haunting Hayes that fueled this incident, is apparently over a fling Moseley had with singer Trey Songz. However, strange reports have come out also. According to they are alleging that new information points to Moseley cheating on him with his own friend, and the FaceTime call that night is a clue.

According to Fox News and sources close to the couple, Earl Hayes and his estranged wife were trying to reconcile their rocky relationship. Stephanie Moseley was even optimistic about about their chances of getting back together. However, as more and more reports come out, the disturbing details continue. Back in 2010 Earl Hayes recorded a song with lyrics that insinuate thoughts of suicide long before he killed his wife and himself.

Floyd Mayweather and rapper 50 Cent have a relationship that goes back a decade because of their shared promotions company, The Money Team. They have not fully reconciled their relationship, but when 50 heard of tragic news, he reached out to Mayweather. He wrote some words to him on Instagram calling him his “little brother.” Mayweather re-tweeted 50 Cent’s post. 50 Cent went on to explain his Instagram post by saying, “Me and Floyd have been really good friends since 2002. I met Earl, Earl Hayes, in 2002, the Mixshow Power Summitt,” Fif said Wednesday night. “I met him in Puerto Rico, Floyd brought him out there. Yeah [Hayes was our mutual friend].”

Floyd Mayweather has a funny way of showing his grief. According to TMZ, For two nights in a row he sat court side at a Los Angeles Lakers game. He continues to go out on the scene, attending a major celebrity event in L.A. for the 3rd night in a row after the tragic murder/suicide incident that he witnessed over FaceTime, but he still refuses to talk about it.